Теософскі набутки


To be ready

Nowadays, the notion of ever-changing life is very popular. Actually, many people consider a high level of ambiguity, uncertainty, chaos, disorder to be unhealthy to both the society and an individual. Scientists come to a disappointing conclusion about increase of entropy; many recall ancient Chinese wisdom about sympathy to those who live in times of changes.       

Is there evolutionary progress in morality?

“What is beautiful is moral” (Gustave Flaubert)


Today, many people acknowledge the dimensions, depth and timeliness of the impact produced on human vision of the world by the heritage left by H.P. Blavatsky, whose 185th birthday we celebrate this year. 

Devotion and attachment

These two qualities seem to have similar meanings and sometimes are used even as identical notions. Nevertheless, more deep analysis shows that there is substantial distinction in these two qualities, and we’ll try to understand them. On the way of discipleship the first quality is welcomed and considered to be an essential feature, when the second is thought as an obstacle, a hindrance which is necessary to overcome finally.

Without loving care I am nothing

Our world is beautiful and perfect in its harmony, it was created by the Loving Mind, so all creation – starting with every smallest subatomic particle and ending with all the Universe – demonstrates this loving diligence, attention, great care and wisdom. 

Развитие идей теософии в отечественной философии конца XIX-XX в.в.

Теософское учение Е.П. Блаватской, содержит в себе многовековой духовный опыт человечества. Теософские идеи единства и эволюции находят своё развитие в современной культуре, наполняя духовным содержанием мировоззрение, философию, произведения музыки, живописи, литературы.