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The One Life

“From the ONE LIFE formless and Uncreate, proceeds the Universe of lives”, said H.P.Blavatsky (1,St.7(5)). She begins the Secret Doctrine from this important and infinite notion. The Proem offers the first symbols of cosmogenesis: a white disk on the black background and then a dot located inside a circle. 

Theosophy and need for ideals to modern world

In my brief presentation, I would like to focus your attention on two main theses: o First, since ancient times, the concepts of ideas and ideals have been in focus of numerous teachings and philosophies. This included a need for ideals which would be able to help the mankind in…


Today, many people acknowledge the dimensions, depth and timeliness of the impact produced on human vision of the world by the heritage left by H.P. Blavatsky, whose 185th birthday we celebrate this year. 

To be ready

Nowadays, the notion of ever-changing life is very popular. Actually, many people consider a high level of ambiguity, uncertainty, chaos, disorder to be unhealthy to both the society and an individual. Scientists come to a disappointing conclusion about increase of entropy; many recall ancient Chinese wisdom about sympathy to those…

Without loving care I am nothing

Our world is beautiful and perfect in its harmony, it was created by the Loving Mind, so all creation – starting with every smallest subatomic particle and ending with all the Universe – demonstrates this loving diligence, attention, great care and wisdom. 

«Великое забвение себя»

Действие без привязанности? Как это? Делать что-то автоматично? Равнодушно? Лишь бы сделать? А после меня хоть потоп?.. Такое действие либо не работает вообще, не оставляя никакого следа, либо наоборот оставляет результат, но негативный. 


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