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Art of human relations

We know that the Great Teachers of humanity, when contributing to the Theosophical Society, saw as the foremost object the creation of a model, a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity. 

In the letter to Sinnet in December 1880  Master KH noted that the intention of «Senior Mahatmas was "Brotherhood of Humanity", true World Brotherhood to be commenced, which must be revealed throughout the whole world and be noticed by the highest minds» (ML 40).


Thus, one of main tasks of he TS is the development, forming and practical demonstration of new principles of human co-operation and social organization.


Today, after a long period of almost one and a half centuries, we can estimate great sagacity of the Masters, as exactly today manifest those phenomena which were necessary to be warned of in good time.


Some are sure, that there exist strictly scientific methods of constructing the human relations and, having mastered them it is possible to have harmonious relationships with people around at the individual level, and at the collective level to obtain the correct community model. Indeed, science has a lot of achievements in the area of communicative psychology. Moreover, the natural vector of the development of science can lead, and it is possible that it has already brought to the creation of the apparatus on the basis of modern high technologies, able to design the behavioral reaction of people in accordance with the program laid.


Today we have the developed arsenal of the manipulative technologies in politics, advertising, business, etc., based on the latest scientific achievements in the area of psychology, sociology, political science. And it is necessary to say with all responsibility that considerable success of these technologies is provided due to eniology, new science about the natural exchange of energy and information. This confirms once again, that first of all the man tries to use all the new achievements of science for providing the egoistical personal or group interests.


When we begin to operate and build the relationships with the Universe, coming forward from the focus of a personality and pursuing egoistical aims, it conduces to the disharmony and opposition, to the conflicts and mistrust, to the protest and suppression. Here lies the danger of the mind of desires, not dawned with spiritual influence.


Yes, it is a necessary stage, but there is the possibility to move further, conducing the awakening of our higher nature.


One of the first tasks of yoga is attaining the ability of recognition of the quality and causes of the actions, reactions and interrelations with the world, achieving the control over the manifestations of the personality.


When we are trying to follow the spiritual path and bring high values into our life, when we awaken our inner image of perfection, our divine nature, we begin to act from the focus of our Higher Self and build the relationships with people on quite another basis. The motive of acquiring the benefit and profit, making money and superiority disappear from our relations and a world around us begins to change. Our surroundings change due to the law of resonance, we join new groups and teams, where the spirit of collaboration and mutual help dominates between people, where people smile and gladly greet each other, where everybody is ready to support the good undertaking of another and help in different complicated situations.


Often such relations generate joint charitable, elucidative, ecological projects and undertakings, which really change the world around us and help to meet new friends and co-workers. The spiritual character of the co-operation covers our attitude towards nature, and today's social, economic, political and other problems.


If we mentally analyze our relationships with people, who spiritually near to us, with those, whom we love sincerely and unselfishly, with those, with whom it is always pleasant to communicate and with whom we are always glad to meet, we will notice, how these relations are inimitable and original in their beauty, how they are many-sided, often new and unexpected at times. And at that moment, when forming our interrelations with the outer world, we reach the level of art and co-creation.  Such communication wakes up hidden potentials of the man’s soul and makes them the moving force in the world’s reorganization.


And this is the way and moment, when quite other human relations begin to shape. They are filled with sublime communication; they inspire creation and imbued with the spirit of goodwill and mutual help. Sometimes, being far from each other for years, people meet as if they did not part. Such deep human relations are not interrupted even by death; people find each other by vibrations of their hearts, by the light of the soul, which is poured out from the eyes. Such communications between people are wider than our notions of friendship. Possibly, such spiritual propinquity will obtain its verbal expression in the future. Now we use such word as Brotherhood, Human Brotherhood.


To be shown up outwardly, such form of human relations is necessary to be formed inwardly, to overcome a great hindrance and suffering. But to form such internal image of brotherly attitude towards people is impossible without trials and errors, without permanent, daily practice of communication, without Will to Good, which simultaneously is the Divine Will of all religions. What a wonderful task stands before each of us and before our Society as a whole.


Each of us has something to be learned from another, in fact, we see our own vital problems in the mirror of our neighbor. All of us want kindness and sincerity, help and support, advice and understanding to be revealed in relation towards us. But are we ready to show such attitude towards those, whom we do not like, who look different from us, who do not understand and blame us? How must we react in the situation of hostility and aggression, not to multiply the amount of sorrow in the world? Can somebody give a prepared recipe, or in every moment the answer is found in our heart?


When we begin to live under the influence of our higher nature, we raise to the level of creation, we create our environment, we create the relationships with people around, taking into account their individual features, character, inclinations, talents and preferences, not showing discrimination by principles of distinction as to race, creed, sex, caste or color. We want all people around to be glad, to have comfort, to develop their potentials and be of use to each other. And in a wonderful way the friends appear, flowers blossom, the sun lights and world around us sings and shines.


And this method of co-operation seems to be natural, humane, uniquely correct and harmonious. And at that the very moment we become, as Master KH said, the members of the «real, practical Brotherhood of Humanity, where all will be done by the collaborators of nature and will work for the good of humanity in cooperation with higher Planetary Spirits (39)».



What a wonderful and inspired ideal!


Short talk for the World Theosophical Congress, Roma-2010

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