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The One Life

Автор:  Tetyana Golovchenko
“From the ONE LIFE formless and Uncreate, proceeds the Universe of lives”, said H.P.Blavatsky (1,St.7(5)). She begins the Secret Doctrine from this important and infinite notion. The Proem offers the first symbols of cosmogenesis: a white disk on the black background and then a dot located inside a circle. 

Thereafter the process of cosmic creation starts to unfold before our eyes, through which the One Life manifests itself. HPB says “It is the ONE LIFE, eternal, invisible, yet Omnipresent, without beginning or end, yet periodical in its regular manifestations, between which periods reigns the dark mystery of non-Being; unconscious, yet absolute Consciousness;…; truly, “a chaos to the sense, a Cosmos to the reason.”(1, Proem)


And then she continues “Only the face of the Disk being white and the ground all around black, shows clearly that its plane is the only knowledge, dim and hazy though it still is, that is attainable by man. (1, Proem) This knowledge people called Divine Wisdom – the Theosophy. The word “theosophy” is derived from Greek meaning “Divine Wisdom”. For the first time it was used in the third millennium of our era by philosopher Ammonius Saccas. The light bearer of this ancient knowledge known also to people as Gupta Vidya and Secret Doctrine was H. Blavatsky. In the Secret Doctrine HPB reveals “all accessible knowledge that may be given to the humanity in the contemporary century” (1, v.1,p.25). She continues saying that “this knowledge will be understood by people in 100 years”, inasmuch as she was aware of the Cosmic Laws pertaining to the evolution of the man and Universe, the expanding consciousness of human beings, ability to comprehend global truths, to realize the cosmogony system in its divine origin. Blavatsky anticipated us that as far as the origin of this wisdom is divine, its deepness can’t be conceived with logical intellect or defined with dogmatic words, because the Absolute Oneness should always remain unattainable for the limited intellect, however, she pointed out that the Secret Doctrine is called for “to show to man the lawful place in the divine scheme of the Universe”. (1, Preamble). Therefore, the universal Theosophical ideas can be inquired, and that is why the theosophists are “not the experts”, they are the “explorers” aspiring to approach to the comprehension of the Theosophical knowledge and, above all, to live in accord with this understanding.


In our quest for Theosophy, i.e. Divine Wisdom, we (theosophists) follow some fundamental principles – some code of doctrines, which one should not have an implicit faith in but which one are regarded as basic ones because serve as footing for Archaic Doctrine.


The most fundamental principle is the Oneness. The Secret Doctrine states “The one circle is divine Unity, from which all proceeds, whither all returns.”(1,Proem)


The principle of Oneness manifests itself through the operation of the fundamental law - Oneness of all beings in Nature. This law is applied to all worlds as well as to all beings dwelling in these worlds - in their home. This oneness is not evident if taken as outward appearance, or seen from the physical plane. Our universe apparently contains an endless diversity that is maintained owing to a great number of Comic Laws. But the background or inner side of this diversity is the Oneness which is the source and center of all things that they will once return to.


The Secret Doctrine depicts this idea in beautiful words:


In the Catechism, the Master is made to ask the pupil:

 “Lift thy head, oh Lanoo; dost thou see one, or countless lights above thee, burning in the dark midnight sky?”

“I sense one Flame, oh Gurudeva, I see countless undetached sparks shining in it.

“Thou sayest wellAnd now look around and into thyselfThat light which burns inside thee, dost thou feel it different in anywise from the light that shines in thy Brother-men?”

“It is in no way different, though the prisoner is held in bondage by Karma, and though its outer garments delude the ignorant into saying, ‘Thy Soul and My Soul.’ ”(1,St.5(4))


The light of the Soul is this precise divinity that abides in all creation. Realizing own divinity, everyone comes to another significant theosophical principle of the Universal Brotherhood of humanity which hidden essence is oneness embracing all that is manifested through a relative diversity of individualities and personalities. From the one hand, it is the oneness of all life and from the other – it is brotherhood.


“We are all brothers, inasmuch as the whole life is one and a divine sparkle is one and the same in all people on the earth, notwithstanding all visible differences in their evolution. We are all – the members of the one spiritual family”, - said once our sister Mersedes Villa Robuste in her talk (2).     


Why is it so important to be aware of being a member of the one spiritual family? According to the teaching, this opens the way to free descend of vital forces from the mental plan of the Higher Ego, or our individuality, helping to transform and purify our bodies, and what is the most important – to realize own responsibility for the whole spiritual family, for the planet, for all those living in this world.


This responsibility and understanding of the divine principle dwelling in all of us is reflected in the human relations through the fraternal spirit of cooperation that imparts an inestimable value to mutual relations between all human beings, and creates links, harmonious and fruitful synergy on the social level.


When the relations become MATURE, one is aware and accepts that despite all people being different, they “can be united as friends in order to find a proper solution of the world problems This implies the understanding of the divergence of opinions and furthering cooperation” (3) trying to make every action selfless, for the good of all human beings, revealing “eternal quest for Good and Oneness” (4).


According to the theosophical teaching, there is a definite necessity in incarnation of separate group of people in order to realize mutual karmic relations and study to partake for the one cause.


We understand it as follows: to be here and now, to live consciously, to act responsibly in order that “our everyday choice avers future” (5), the future which we wish our children and the world have!   These words by Master Koot Hoomi are addressed to all of us: “So, try to be the messengers of love and mercy, while helping others you will at the same time gain own salvation… You have countless pages of the diary of your life, which are pure and new, ready for recording your deeds. Oh, the Child of this race and time, equip with a diamond pen and fill in these pages with noble deeds, days well run through, with years of holy aspirations, and thereby, earn a ceaseless path upwards, to the highest planes of spiritual consciousness”.


This path upwards that the Master mentions as well as expanding comprehension of our consciousness able to reach higher plans will allow approaching to harmonious Oneness of Life in the Universe.


To aver this Oneness and attempting to attain harmony, the theosophists utter the following universal appeal or prayer:


O, hidden life that vibrates in every atom,

Oh, hidden light that shines in every creature,

Oh, hidden love that embraces all in oneness,

Let those who feel the one with Thee know therefore they are one with every other.





1. H.P.Blavatsky - The Secret Doctrine. The Theosophical publishing house,Adyar,Madras, India,1991

2. Mercedes Villa Robuste -  Why am I?, The Convention in Adyar, 1998

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5. Joy Mills - Ethics of an Understanding Heart, Lecture held at London 13th June 1985

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