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Автор:  Svitlana Gavrylenko
Today, many people acknowledge the dimensions, depth and timeliness of the impact produced on human vision of the world by the heritage left by H.P. Blavatsky, whose 185th birthday we celebrate this year. 

Her major works, her brainchild – the Theosophical Society, the effect which they drew in human society, in science, in people's consciousness in different countries and on different continents clearly indicates a key-note, the basic trend intrinsic to her impact. Beyond any doubts, this is a powerful unifying principle which manifested itself in various spheres of human life. Let's discuss some of them in more details.


1. Theosophical ideas produced a significant impact on the development of various sciences. Theosophical ideas, which are based on integrated fundamental principles of life system in the Universe, on a multifaceted structure and common laws of Nature, can bring together different scientific concepts for the sake of unbiased search for the Truth and the development of new scientific paradigms and methods of scientific search. Science received an impetus fostering its development and was enriched by discovering new research areas and methods.

The current developmental stage of human society is characterized by an extremely high level of mastering the material substance. Until recently, this stage used to be defined as the era of scientific and technical revolution. The confrontation between two social systems (capitalism and communism) was its powerful driving force.  Suffice it to say that in the 20th century only, scientific and technical discoveries made up 10% of all such discoveries recorded during the whole history of our civilization.

The main focus for scientific activities was the material substance and external, visible, tangible manifestations of the world detected by human organa sensoria or invented instruments. It is exactly the science, its achievements and discoveries, it is exactly the penetration into the depth of the Universe and to the veiled properties of a cell and atomic nucleus that serves a basis for drawing a picture of the world of a modern man and for building his vision of the world. At the same time, it is exactly the world vision of an individual that serves a foundation for his/her behavior, is a core of his/her personality as well as a basis for the functioning of the society as a whole. Due to such a dominating effect on mind and consciousness of a man, science in essence began playing the role of religion which is to establish basic ethical principles and to explain the mysteries of life and laws of the existence itself. The academician V.I. Vernadsky wrote about it in his works.

However today, distinct changes began to show, which can be hardly left unnoticed or left disregarded by even most conservative and orthodox supporters of the former scientific paradigm. And what's more, the basis for such changes was laid down as far back as in the 19th century. Search for the integrated field theory, hypothesis of the creation of the Universe due to the big bang, proved fundamental relationship between physiological and psychic processes in man – all of these serve as an evidence of scientific realization of the principle of unity, interconnection and interrelations of everything and all in the world.

            First of all, science itself advanced and inevitably reached the fine planes of the universe. By the middle of the 19th century, the cognition of the material world reached the invisible ether planes and scientific vocabulary acquired such terms as energy, energy levels, information interaction, multidimensional spaces, biological magnetism, field and field structures; the transfer of thoughts using the radio, phone and, later, the television has become a usual practice.

In addition, it's worth mentioning a new holistic approach in physical sciences which is currently taking shape and trying to explore an integrated nature of physical phenomena. Holism is a certain quality of investigator's mind, investigator's fundamental approach to exploring the universe, both physical and mental.


2. Theosophy describes a generalized picture of evolutionary process including the detailed description of human kingdom and stages of its evolution. This knowledge makes it possible to discover a universal fate of a mankind as a whole and to become aware of a universal goal for each individual human being. This knowledge carries along a strong ideological impact able to expand people consciousness helping them to neglect the differences, which make them feel separated.

When the Theosophical Society, which was established and ideologically guided by our great countrywoman, declared their goal to create a nucleus of the Brotherhood, many people considered the idea utopian and unachievable. After years of existence of the Theosophical Society, the ideal of the Brotherhood of Humanity has already become real and is no longer a theoretical abstraction. Today, the Theosophical Society is a worldwide organization with branches in more than 60 countries all over the world and with the main goal stipulated by the Great Teachers of Humanity. The goal is as follows: to create the nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or skin color.

Our goal as members of the Theosophical Society, who should become the vanguard in promoting the idea of the Brotherhood, is to make this idea, this ideal better apprehended by different people. However, every person apprehends this idea by his/her own personal way, through his/her own personal life experience, through his/her own personal world view, under the impact of certain life circumstances. Thus, we realize that by-date we've already accumulated a very vast theoretical and practical knowledge which would allow us to implement the idea of the Brotherhood. In fact, the whole theosophical teaching aims at explaining to a man the fundamental unity of all things including the fundamental unity of all mankind. The idea of the Brotherhood is not a kind of a remote goal which we all should try to achieve, but а real natural fact which we should embrace by our mind. Let's think about such a problem statement. The idea of the Brotherhood is not limited to human kingdom only, but it is also relevant in the context of our perception of animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. Brotherhood relations can exist in the context of all Universe, expressed towards all beings living in other worlds. Thus, the idea of the Brotherhood can be perceived in both more narrow and very wide context and can be spread out to the universal theosophical principle of the Unity of all things.

How does the mankind show its readiness to accept and implement the idea of the Brotherhood? It is demonstrated namely by mastering the right human relations, the interaction between people, between natural kingdoms, between nations, between countries and states — in politics, in economy and even in the process of addressing drastic and vital issues faced by the mankind. So, on which principles should these relations be built?

Some people assert that there are purely scientific methods for building human relations and that by mastering such methods it is possible to establish harmonious relations between individuals and also to build harmonious social relations in the community. Yes, indeed, science was very successful in the filed of communicative psychology. Moreover, the natural trend in the development of science may bring or already has brought in the manmade instruments based on modern high technologies which allow building a model of human behavioral reaction according to the installed program. Today, we have a large arsenal of manipulation technologies being implemented in politics, management and advertising which were developed based on most recent scientific achievements in the filed of psychology, sociology and political science. That's why we can state with full confidence that a great deal of success of these technologies has resulted from the development of a new science on energy and information exchange in nature which is called eniology. This confirms that as before, man tries to use all new sciences primarily for satisfying his/her egoistic personal or corporate interests. Our current experience proves that when we are acting, when we start building our relations with the surrounding world and are focused on our personalities, we are usually pursuing our personal egoistic goals which brings in disharmony and confrontation, conflicts and distrust, suppression and protest. This is a danger produced by the lower mind, the mind of wishes which is not enlightened by the spiritual influence. Yes, this is a needed stage, but now there is a possibility to move further forward, to foster the awakening of our highest spiritual nature.


3. In the context of practical, real life area, in our day-to-day life, the ideas, which were professed by Helena Petrovna herself and which she used as foundation for her famous works produce a significant uniting effect by their ability to mobilize the energy of Good Will. The new world view pushes a man to take over the new advanced responsibilities and awakens the need for his/her personal participation in rebuilding the life based on new, more noble and perfect principles. In her "The Key to Theosophy", H.P.B. called altruism "an integral part of self-development". She wrote also the following: "The power to know does not come from book-study nor from mere philosophy, but mostly from the actual practice of altruism in deed, word, and thought; for that practice purifies the covers of the soul and permits that light to shine down into the brain-mind. As the brain-mind is the receiver in the waking state, it has to be purified from sense-perception, and the truest way to do this is by combining philosophy with the highest outward and inward virtue" (Conversations on Occultism). According to H.P.B., "It is altruism..., that can lead the unit to merge its little Self in the Universal Selves." (Occultism Versus The Occult Arts).

Need to serve is a natural result of person's spiritual development, so cooperation  which develops on the basis of common goals and intentions is strongly manifesting itself as numerous civic initiatives, voluntary movement, charitable activities, sponsorship. It is a progress in the civil society in many world regions which demonstrates the fact of acceptance of the responsibility and mobilization of Goodwill Energy. Today, millions of people all over the world respond to the call of such initiatives and are ready to implement them.


4. There is one more important area where theosophical ideas are capable to bring in a new impulse for joining the forces and for the development of mutual understanding. This is a field of religions. Today, this is a very painful area for the mankind since two thirds of all military conflicts in the world are caused by religious reasons. In the "Isis Unveiled" and her other works, H.P.B. touches upon the issues related to common sources of all religions, identical nature of ethical commandments in all religious teachings, explanation of natural consistency of specific features of ways for transferring the knowledge of Timeless Wisdom by every particular religion. The very term "Brotherhood of Religions", which was adopted as a basis for apprehending the idea of common grounds of these social institutions, is the best way for reflecting Theosophy's position on this issue; but at the same time, it provokes protest and rejection by certain confessions and religious organizations.

Today, world religions do not cope with their task in meeting people's spiritual needs. It's sad, but religions themselves often become a source of aggression and conflicts all over the world encouraging the fanaticism in their followers. Dogmatized knowledge of the Church is closed to new ideas, it does not satisfy the inquisitive mind of a modern educated man, it is unable to assimilate modern scientific concepts. At the same time, the idea of Brotherhood of Religions attracts ever better new supporters all over the world.

There are also other fields of human activity where the uniting power of theosophical ideas began manifesting itself; and this is a very promising future trend since we as a mankind are passing to an ascending turn of our evolutionary spiral.

  All together, these processes are the messengers of a New Era and form the basis for the establishment of future culture and civilization. Let's not be in despair because of the fact that the unification trends and synthesis are not that fast as we would like them to be. Nature is not in a hurry. Moreover, human mind is the greatest treasure for the Creator. That's why we are grateful to Helena Petrovna for granted potentials, and we will rejoice at every small step that each of us and all of us together will be able to make in the process of developing our own perception of the Universe and a man, and we will look to the future with hope.


Because our future is bright and beautiful!

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