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Without loving care I am nothing

Автор:  Svitlana Gavrylenko
Our world is beautiful and perfect in its harmony, it was created by the Loving Mind, so all creation – starting with every smallest subatomic particle and ending with all the Universe – demonstrates this loving diligence, attention, great care and wisdom. 

At the same time, today’s world is drastically suffering from lack of love, understanding, patience, sympathy and compassion. Every living creature is suffering, the terra firma itself is groaning with pain, but the human beings are suffering most of all. Injustice and cruelty, wars and famine, despair and lack of trust. So what’s the root of the problem, and how to reverse the existing trend?


For several thousand years of evolution, the human kingdom has been developing in a perfect harmony with nature and all other beings on our planet. There were enough of gifts of nature to sustain the life, while the creative activity of humans was not yet capable to compete with the power of nature and did not threatened natural resources or recreational potential of the planet.


In the past few centuries, the situation began to change. Human mind has unravelled several mysteries of nature and focused man’s efforts on exploiting the resources of the planet for satisfaction of man’s needs. It seems normal that the planet must provide resources to meet the increased needs of a man. However, the introduction of new energy-consuming technologies, on the one hand, and reckless wastefulness, rampant consumerism in using the riches of nature and lack of foresight, on the other hand, have drastically changed the balance of Earth.


Today, it is the mankind who makes the decision concerning the fate of our planet: due to the development of human intellect, man has acquired unprecedented enormously powerful ability to modify and control many natural processes. However, after having acquired such huge strength and power, people do not accept their responsibility and they are acting irresponsibly. Not always the recreational forces of Nature succeed to cope with anthropogenic impacts. Man shows permissiveness, wilfulness and disrespect for the  law of balance in Nature. As a result, mankind became a source of imbalance, of the depletion of resources on our planet, and of irreversible changes in all other realms of nature.


So, what outcome resulted from this situation we can realistically expect? If we wait for our planet to self-regulate this process and do not take any steps towards a change then ultimately we will reach the point where the forces of nature throw us like a parasitizing tribe off the body of the planet, and the mankind will start learning to live anew, from the very beginning – caveman stage of human civilization. It’s quite obvious that today, an effective change can be brought in not by nature’s forces, but by the man.


Furthermore, an assumption that one day a government will issue a law which would be binding people to love and help each other, care for environment and for future of our planet looks quite unrealistic and even comical. And even if such a government existed, who could have made people to obey such a law? That’s why it’s perfectly clear that the real changes should occur inside every single human being. The true revolution originates from within; it is evolving from that divine source which is hidden in every human being.


How does this happen indeed, and what serves as a trigger for such an internal unfoldment? Suffering, search, feelings, many lives full of experience and work – all these are preparing the ground for awakening the man to the Truth and Light, to Love and Joy. And finally, that drastic moment comes when someone’s phrase, or a book, or a contact with the beauty of the Nature or art suddenly open a certain inner door, the door leading into the inner temple, the temple of the Soul.


And then, the inner light illuminates all human life, the warmth of love gradually melts the ice of cold intellect, and we start experiencing new relations with the outside world. At first, person’s near environment is put in order and become harmonized; person’s life becomes more serene and less self-centred; new previously unknown life pleasures are discovered; and a person starts shifting his/her focus from personal sorrows and sufferings to those of others people. We start feeling concerned about the fate of other beings, the troubles of our relatives and friends, the problems of global, universal and planetary scale.


It isn’t so easy to learn to understand the needs of our relatives and friends, our closest circle of people. This can be achieved only based on our personal experience of loving connection, our attempts to encompass, to sympathize. It’s not so easy to learn compassion and also a sympathetic joy in the happiness of other living beings.


And it’s even harder to learn how to choose action strategy in accordance with the new opportunities. At the beginning, our actions are often awkward and clumsy; our attempts to help others, after in-depth analysis, are proven to be selfish, and people to whom they are addressed to may feel confused and reject them. Sometimes, we lose heart from our impotence, but certain inner force encourages us to look again for ways to help others and to influence the troubling circumstances which we would like to change.


It is only our personal experience in observing the results of our actions that may teach us to choose the appropriate action strategy. Who knows how many lives one needs to live in order to understand that evil can’t be defeated by evil, that aggression can’t be suppressed by aggression, and that there is only one way to bring in a real and radical change – this is the path of love. So, through living several lives, by practicing love we gain wisdom; and by practicing wisdom we find love. This way we are moving up the evolution spiral and gradually cognize an essence of the Great Creative Ideation.


There comes a time when we make a surprising discovery: it turns out that to give is much more pleasant than to take! We discover that when you are giving, your wealth, your personal treasure become multiplied! Of course, that treasure is your soul treasure. We begin to understand how much this world needs our inner wealth, our loving care. This amazing revelation changes our values, rebuilds our life and multiplies our powers. Now, we have to learn how to give ourselves out to the surrounding world. And this is quite an important art — to love without being excessively sentimental; to be useful while not obtrusive; to be always ready for giving while able to determine sensitively the appropriate extent of your help; to offer a bait but not a fish. This requires a great quality of recognition. Today indeed, the most urgent task for those who are ready for such giving is to learn how to do so. Essentially, every thought, every word, every deed should be born by the impulse of self-giving — the loving care, no matter what this care may concern. Mastery of such a state is a high-level quality, for it implies mastery of all the energies of microcosm and the achievement of the natural state of kinship/ connection/communion with all that exists.


One day, after many victories and failures, attempts and achievements, we start pondering over ultimate goal of man’s evolution, over lessons we learn behind the scene of tangled scenarios of many our lives, and with surprise and joy we realize that the purpose of the Great Creative Ideation is to find love and wisdom. Gradually, the meaning of our existence is revealing itself to our inner sight. Again and again, we’re trying to improve ourselves in our ability to understand the true essence of what happens around in order to direct the expression of our loving compassion at increasing the goodness and justice, trust and concordance, harmony and creativity, love and mutual understanding. We learn to fit into the harmony of the Universe in such a way which would allow us to become the conductors, the channels of divine will, divine love and wisdom, divine power.


Finally, we become aware of the fact that after having been freed from our internal constraints, from our selfish ambitions we gain true freedom and power, and the wider spheres of influence become available to us. And the most important point that we realize is that all these things have always been with us, they were folded inside us in a secret treasury to which we could not reach for a long time, neither did not we know how to approach it nor where the keys were kept or how the secret word should be pronounced.


The greatest help on this Path we receive from our Teachers, the Masters since they are examples of such loving care, tireless self-sacrifice and self-renunciation. And what brings us into Their Circle is a deep inner realization of the Great Truth that “without loving care I am nothing”.


Let’s imagine a happy world in which such people live. Isn’t it a Universal Human Brotherhood? That’s where the solution of current problems of mankind lies. We are here today precisely because we have set this goal and are bringing it closer by our joint creative work.



Blessed each small step that leads to the Summit!


Speech on the Convention – 2010, Adyar

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