Теософскі набутки

Art of human relations

We know that the Great Teachers of humanity, when contributing to the Theosophical Society, saw as the foremost object the creation of a model, a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity. 

Devotion and attachment

These two qualities seem to have similar meanings and sometimes are used even as identical notions. Nevertheless, more deep analysis shows that there is substantial distinction in these two qualities, and we’ll try to understand them. On the way of discipleship the first quality is welcomed and considered to be an essential feature, when the second is thought as an obstacle, a hindrance which is necessary to overcome finally.

HPB and Her Family in Ukraine

It is hardly known that such an outstanding person as the founder of the theosophical society and the author of a well-known “Secret Doctrine”, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, was born in Ukraine – in the town of Ekaterinoslav, nowadays the town of Dnepropetrovsk. It took place at night of August 12, 1831, in the Fadeyev family’s house - her grandmother and grandfather’s place.

Is there evolutionary progress in morality?

“What is beautiful is moral” (Gustave Flaubert)

The beauty of service

A sign of Aquarius is a sign of servant, it is a man with a jug of water on his shoulders, so full, that water is abundantly poured outside. A jug on shoulders can be consider as character of service. Serving is not easy thing. It is necessary to give a lot of forces and time, to sacrifice own interests, to work very much and tensely. For service there are needed certain qualities: self-oblivion, tolerance, wisdom, directed efforts, ability to work without attachment, stability and persistence.