On the question of integration of the Science and Theosophy: successes and prospects

As is known, the picture of the world which is formed under the influence of various areas of science and culture of society, is one of fundamental achievements of the civilisation, its integrated expression. Formation of this picture of the world of modern western civilisation occurs basically under the influence of the science. 

Scientific achievements of the end 19 and the beginnings of 20 centuries have caused main recesses in developed before materialistically-mechanistic system of the world representations. Divisibility of atom, interrelation of a matter and energy, time and space have given a huge layer of a material for judgement and synthesis for what it was required to overstep the bounds of materialism. Speaking about an inoculation of timeless wisdom to a tree of a science of the end of 19 centuries, in introduction to «The Secret Doctrine» H.P.Blavatsky has written following words: « …it is necessary to expect and prepare for negation of these doctrines in advance. They will be mocked and rejected a priori this century, but only in it. For in the twentieth century of our era scientists will start to recognize, that the Secret Doctrine has not been invented or exaggerated, but, on the contrary, is simply outlined…». In her main work «Secret doctrine» H.P.Blavatsky has predicted many scientific discovering and has given wide horizon of representations about Universe and Human evolution that has served and will serve still for a long time as inspiring prospect in work of researchers in the most different areas of knowledge.

Connection of the newest scientific technologies and timeless wisdom has allowed a physical science to leave on level of metaphysical representations. «The illusory nature of matter» about which Blavatsky wrote, has found the reflexion in effect of corpuscular-wave dualism, and then in the modern quantum physics. Einstein's opening has connected spatial and time measurements and has entered into a science representation about the world as about an existential continuum. Moreover, as a result of development of̆ Einstein's idea, there was a new theory – the theory of physical vacuum which not only includes consciousness in the world picture, but also specifies the defining role of so told Highest  ̆ reality at the process of birth of a matter from nothing. The highest reality is considered by a number of researchers as Superconsciousness, Superreason or the God.

The multi-plane structure of the Human and the Universe, offered by theosophy for deepening and understanding expansion of the worldseeing,  for the last century has made considerable impact on such scientific areas as medicine, psychology, pedagogic.

As a result of integration of traditional and theoretical approaches in medicine there was born and actively develops the informative medicine based on research and use of laws of bio-energy-informational interaction of the man and the nature. One of its fertile results was creation of considerable quantity of the health-building technologies allowing medicine to turn from the struggle against illnesses to health protection, health maintenance and health recovery.

Within 20 centuries the science of psychology has reached tremendous success, really having found a subject of its research. Development of the concept "psyche" (soul) in a context of diversity of the human being has deduced psychology on new horizons and new areas of research. We may list them as cognitive psychology (psychology of knowledge), transpersonal (subpersonal) psychology, research of evolution of consciousness,  psycho-synthesis as alternative to psychoanalysis and attempt of penetration into an essence of a condition of integrity, un-duality, unity.

The modern society puts high requirements to the education system. The pedagogic should be considered as art of cultivation of soul of the child, and not just as the intellectual development tool. Humane pedagogic – as a scientific direction and as social movement – has won today hearts of millions people and this display of tendencies of the Aquarius Era when changes come not under the influence of the state institutions, but under the influence of the elucidated public opinion.


The width of coverage of the evolutionary processes, outlined in the Secret Doctrine, expressly or by implication, has inspired many scientific researches on a joint of habitual scientific directions and culture layers. It is possible to mention meta-historical researches of ancient civilizations on a joint of ethnology and ontology, cross-cultural dialogue, and also synergetic, or the theory of complicated  systems — the interdisciplinary direction of science studying the general laws of the phenomena and processes in complicated nonequilibrium systems (physical, chemical, biological, ecological, social and others) on the basis of principles of self-organizing inherent in them.

 The idea of necessity of the hierarchical structure of complicated complete system and, accordingly, conductors and the intermediaries providing communication between various plans of existence, is easily recognized in modern works on synergetic in which mathematically necessity of the thin coordination of indicators of nonlinearity of a source and environment is proved that infinitely difficult spectrum of in common constructed structures could be provided. It is interesting, that for system development, that is its transition to higher hierarchical level, it is necessary, that processes proceeded in a mode with an aggravation.

Especially it is necessary to note the main principle on which the doctrine of ageless wisdom is based, a principle of Unity of all real. In «the Secret Doctrine» the life is considered as the Unite complicated Form of Existence shown in «volume that is called as the Matter, or that, incorrectly dividing, we name in the person Spirit, Soul and the Matter. The matter is the Conductor for Soul display on this plan of existence. Smothering there is a Conductor on the higher plan for Spirit display, and these three are a Trinity synthesized by the Life, sating all of them». The idea of Unity of the Universe has found the philosophical substantiation as property of totality, or coherence, interconditionality, interdependence of all real; and the idea of the Brotherhood of Mankind became practically realizable thanks to modern information technologies.


There is one more prominent aspect which the theosophy specifies in connection with scientific researches. It is moral aspect. And it concerns not so much science as the sphere of knowledge, but especially scientist as the subject of process of knowledge. Many directions of a modern science strongly demand from the scientist for acceptance of responsibility for those results which can follow his/her activity.

Abstracts of the talk for Scientifically-Practical Conference «H.P.Blavatsky and Contemporanity». Dnipro,  May, 6th, 2016

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